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Carddit v1.1 now available

Carddit v1.1 is available as an update in the Apple appstore.

This update includes some bug fixes and performance improvements.

Major feature added - you can create a deck of cards from a photo album or camera roll on your Apple device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Carddit is live

So the Apple Gods took a bite of our Carddit app and saw that it was good and said go forth and be fruitful.

So the collections told the decks.

The decks told the cards.

The cards rejoiced.

First they shuffled nervously and eventually jumped into the air with joy.

We're so excited about this product. We hope that you will be too.

All feedback is welcome, please drop us a line and let us know what you like and hate about it.

Version 1.1 is already in testing with more features and enhancements.

The Carddit Team

In the beginning

There was a card.

The card was followed by many other cards.

They formed a deck.

The deck choose a theme.

Soon, other decks were formed.

They decided to be be collection.

The collection sought wisdom from the Apple Tree.

The Apple Tree said, "Wait, because many are called but few are chosen..."

And so the cards waited...

They waited in decks...

And so the decks waited...

They waited in collections...

And so the collections waited...

At the foot of the Apple Tree...